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For over 20 years the MIdwest Division has had an annual banquet.  This is a celebration of the past year's accomplishments, a chance for members to come together in an informal setting with family and friends, plus good food and drink.  The past couple of years has seen a live band perform.  Each table has multiple prizes so that everyone goes home with a souvenir of the evening. One coveted table prize is a special "Banquet Car."  This car is specially painted and decaled for the Midwest Division.  A few extra cars are held for the spirited auction which follows our meal.  In addition, a special "reverse color" banquet car is auctioned, as well airplane rides, artistic drawings/prints and more.  We have a silent auction with very special items too! Proceeds help purchase door prizes for our monthly train meets.
For many years the division has has a summer picnic at the Fox Valley Trolley Museum.  To give us a change of pace, the venue has changed to the Illinois Live Steamers.  At ILS, members and their families can partake of rides on miniature trains powered by steam, gas and electric locomotives.  This is a picnic also, so the division supplies all you can eat hot dogs, pop, chips and cookies.  The division president traditionally has been the chef at the grills.  The area is spacious, wooded, with plenty of parking, and the weather has always been in our favor
The newest activity planned is an outing to a minor league baseball game.  We look to a date with special events like 'Fireworks Night.' 
Having a model train layout in your home is enjoyable.  Sometimes that fun is multiplied when you share it with friends of like mind.  Therefore, we have had several "Open Houses," in which we can travel to a fellow member's home to admire their model pike and/or collections.  We are always looking for members to sign up for these excursions.  The division will help with costs for refreshments.