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Midwest Division TCA Dues and Fees
MWD Annual Membership Dues:
The annual dues for an individual membership is $30.00.  This covers door fees for all MWD train meets, and includes automatic pre-registration at all meets (including March and September), wristband identification, with multiple line and quick check-in.  An Annual Membership includes one free table at all train meets (based upon availability).  The March and September BIG Meets require a pre-registration for the one free table (based upon availability).  Annual members receive a bi-monthly newsletter with provision for entries of "buy/sell/trade" in the Switchyard column.  Additionally, Annual Members may partake in the social events sponsored by the Midwest Division.
MWD Family Member Membership Dues:
The annual dues for a Family Membership is $35.00. The additional $5.00 over an Annual Membership, covers the cost of door fees for a member's immediate family.  Immediate family is defined as Spouse, Companion, and all children under the age of 18.
Door Fees:
Annual Membership                                                   No door fee
Family Member (covered by Family Membership)     No door fee
Family Member (not covered by Family Mbrship)      $5.00/meet
Nat'l TCA (non MWD member)                                  $5.00/meet  
Guest (See Meet Rules)                                             $5.00/meet
Children under 18 years of age                                  No door fee
Table Fees (subject to availability):
MWD Member (1 free table per regular meet)           No table fee
MWD Member-BIG Meet (1 free table)                      $5.00 per each addt'l table
    (member must pre-register for all tables)
Nat'l TCA / non-MWD member (pre registered)        $10.00 per table
Nat'l TCA / non-MWD member (walk-in)                   $21.50 per table
Family Member/Guest                                               Not entitled to a table  
Make all checks or money orders payable to: Midwest Division TCA
Mail To:      Midwest Division of TCA
                  P.O. Box 91
                  Elgin, IL 60120